May Golden Ticket

May Golden Ticket


Entry to every Connect Nothing gig in May! Plus three poster prints.

Includes all of our May gigs + 3 A5 poster prints. £36 of tickets for £30:

Sun 12th May- Elsewhere- Acid Cannibals/ Casual Nun / Oriza

They’re back! Everyone’s favourite undead weegie party force. For fans of Mötörhead, Sleep, kale and Buckfast.

Sat 18th May- Stretch Outsider Art Gallery- Outsider Electronics I

A night of outsider electronics and art with Knifedoutofexistence, Soft Issues and Meshes

Weds 22nd May- Zig Zags / Screen Wives / Punching Swans

Castle Face alumni from LA- FFO Mötörhead, Dead Moon and Wipers

Fri 31st May- MoE / Bruxa Maria / Sean B Goldring

Thrilling noise rock and soundscapes from Oslo, London and San Francisco

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