March Golden Ticket

March Golden Ticket


Entry to every Connect Nothing gig in March!

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Includes all of our March gigs. £40 of tickets for £35:

Fri 8th March- Elsewhere- Moon Relay / You Will Flood the River / Trash Mammoth

Eerie cosmic disco from Norway. For fans of Can, Devo, Tangerine Dream, and Brian Eno.

Sun 1oth March- Elsewhere- Beige Palace / Trash Mammoth / Tiny Ghost / Territorial Gobbing

All hail the return of our Drab Overlords from Leeds. FFO Life Without Buildings, Codeine and Slint.

Fri 15th March- Elsewhere-  Oriza / Traps / Screen Wives / ZilpZalp

Don Caballero-esque post-hardcore joy + Thanet’s favourite grindcore/powerviolence/noise/hawaiian shirt wearers

Fri 22nd March- Radio Margate- Yerba Mansa

Wild freeform guitar freakouts from members of Irma Vep and Sex Hands.

Sat 30th March- Elsewhere- Luminous Bodies

Psychedelic filth for fans of Butthole Surfers and Melvins.